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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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e towson store was robbed on november 11 and 16. police are looking into connections between the cases. >> we are unsure why those two stores have been targeted not once but twice. we are looking for any possible connection between previous employees, a disgruntled customers, anyone who may be angry. >> all the police are not going into detail, they say there are some similarities between all four cases. they have increased surveillance at all the goodwill stores and asking anyone with information about the robberies to contact them. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore police seiko corp. of court frank conaway sr. brandished a weapon during an altercation. there is an investigation after disport -- after a dispute this morning.
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officers say they intervened after a longstanding dispute. outgoing council member blanda conaway drop the suit earlier this month. we are still working to confirm more details on the story and will have the latest as the story develops. >> the baltimore city fire department is investigating a complaint that paramedics refused to treat a blind man unless he left his guide dog on the curb. the victim and his dog had just been struck by a car back in november. the victim is a former marine who says he was on his way to participate in the city's veterans day parade. david collins joins us live with more. >> as you mentioned, according to the complaint, city paramedics told curtis graham to leave his guide dog on the sidewalk or he would not receive far apart emergency services. this labrador is more than
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curtis graham is a best friend. >> he is a guide dog. he is my eyes. >> they are team, and until last week, they had been inseparable. curtis is a former marine. on veteran's day, they were invited to walk in the city's veterans day parade, but they never made it. on their way to a metro stop, curtis and his guide dog brought by a car -- were struck by a car. >> his job is to protect me. they hit him first, and i did not know what was going on, and i just grabbed him and pushed him out of the way so he would not get run over, and he hit me, also. >> laying in the street, a bruised and swollen, a city emetic crew came up. >> i told them i was a blind person and said i have a service dog. i said i cannot go anywhere without my service dog. he is sitting down over there on the pavement. they told me that they could not take my service dog. >> so they gave an ultimatum,
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eager courage either leave your service doppler they would not treat you and take you to the hospital? >> they tell me i had to leave my dog, and i tell them i was not leaving without my dog. >> they did not care. they did not have any concern. they told me they cannot put him back there because there is nowhere for him to be strapped down. i said there is no picnic for him to be strapped down, he will stay in one position, and they would not do it. >> curtis said he and the paramedics ordered -- argued. he did go to the hospital, but only after he called someone to come and take care of his dog. >> what do you want to happen now? >> they need to be trained. >> what about an apology? >> i would appreciate that. that would help out a whole lot. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11
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news. >> breaking news at this hour in baltimore county. skyteam 11 has returned from the scene of a car into a house. they are checking out for structural damage to the building. the police are still trying to figure out what brought the car off the road and into the building. at this hour, there are no reports of any injuries. >> we are hearing from a special committee created by officials at penn state to investigate the allegations of child sexual assault and questions of a cover-up by administrators and coaches. >> for the first time today, we are getting a look inside the university's investigation into the allegations here. speaking publicly today for the first time, members of the penn state special committee investigating allegations of
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child sexual assault and questions of a cover-up outlined their mission. >> who knew what, when, and what changes must be made to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> the group says it will not limit its investigation to former coach jerry sandusky or the football program. >> and no one is above scrutiny, including every member of the administration of the university, every member of our board of trustees, and every employee at penn state university. >> for fbi director will lead the effort. the penalty -- the panel has no legal authority but will enable prosecutors to have started reviewing a grand jury documents and university records. >> our investigation will be conducted a thorough, fair, comprehensive manner. >> a former penn state professor wrote a book examining
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college athletics and agrees changes are necessary, but he is not sure can state needs a clean sweep. >> i can imagine they will bring out bring it -- bring in all outsiders because one individual has been accused of molestation, and several people have been accused of cover-ups. >> that will likely be determined by the special committee report, an ongoing investigations at the campus and community continue to search for answers. >> part of that surge could soon include federal agents, still considering opening their own investigation here. >> baltimore city fire crews are investigating a fire in southwest baltimore that trap the woman inside her home. the flames broke out just after 6:30 this morning. our officials tell us the woman was on the second for the building. first responders were able to
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rescue her and they took her to shock trauma. >> the fire kept getting intense and they started banging on doors. there was too much love for us to go in. >> -- too much smoke and for us to go in. >> a man was accidentally released forecasts prison. 24 teixeira frederick scott walked away friday after he posted bond. he was in jail facing first- degree murder charges and should not have been allowed to bail himself out in the first place. officials in prince george's county say it appears to be a clerical error. >> we have more informational report was first told you about today at noon. a man found dead inside the world trade center at the inner harbor. please confirm the man was 57 years old and was found just after 8:00 this morning. a preliminary investigation has been conducted and police tillis the man suffered some sort of
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medical emergency, but they are not releasing his name. there were no signs of foul play. >> after 50 years of debate and discussion and controversy, the intercounty connector or is finally complete, or at least most of it. in front of state, local, and federal leaders, lt. governor anthony brown cut the ribbon marking the official opening of the highway the only extension left is from i-95 to route 1, which will be completed sometime in the future. the icc's chief says for the most part everything went as planned. >> we had a lot of ups and downs, but we met at commitment to be on time and on budget. i am proud to stand here today and say we had a team of people that made that happen. >> you can see more icc pictures on our website, we have also provided some links
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portola information. -- some links for toll information. >> a couple of scattered showers moving across the area right now. temperatures relatively mild, in the 50's. the pattern we see right now will continue across the region for the next couple of days. the rain showers are not solid, but there is a good deal of what weather to contend with the round central maryland. most of the mid-atlantic is now dealing with cloudy, wet weather. we are keeping an eye on some heavier showers over the plains, headed its way for wednesday. we may have a little thunder before we get to thanksgiving day, but it looks a lot better for that extended thanksgiving holiday weekend. more on that with the forecast in just a few minutes. >> can exciting game. the ravens are sitting in first place tonight in the afc north. >> the first time they played
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without ray lewis in five years or something like that. it got really stressful. gerry sandusky takes a look at the big win over the cincinnati bengals. >> the first time under j. harbaugh -- when asked if ray lewis would return in time for thursday night's game against the forty-niners and jim harbaugh. they don't want to make a habit of playing without ray lewis, but they do have a habit of winning division games and this year. clay of highlights and romankow in that -- plenty of highlights and drama in that win over cincinnati. >> when my name goes up there, your name is up there with me, too. thank you, baltimore. god bless you. >> looking deep, he is at the 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown ravens.
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anquan boldin, a 35-yard run. >> touchdown, ravens. >> that was a huge hole. although romankow -- all .atpinthat drama >> he pulled out from behind at the 6 yard line by adam jones. a bit off, the ravens have it, first down. he fumbled the ball inside the tent. the ball is lose that the 3 yard line. huge pileup, and the ravens have recovered. >> first down play action, blagojevich -- flacco wants it all. touchdown, smith, 38-yard strike and karen goes for the knockout. -- cameron knows for the
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knockout. incomplete. 48 seconds left, the hay is in the barn. >> that sets up a super collision this week, the ravens and the forty-niners. we have a harbaugh brother bowl and also to barry did teams squaring off -- also two very good teams squaring off. get set for a full contact start to your holidays. >> i cannot wait for that game. that is going to be a great game. that brings us to today's raven text question. who gets the mpb -- mvp award in your book? a for ray rice, b or smith, and see for joe flacco. -- c for joe flacco. you can see the results next on 11 news at 6:00. >> thousands of families go hungry every holiday.
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>> there are braque thousand people on the list of need. what they are asking for, and how you can help. >> holidays are the perfect storm for migraines. we will tell you some of the major triggers you could run into this season. >> free health care for eligible women. i am lisa robinson and i will have that story coming up. [ girl ] to protect against dental problems, my dentist said use act.
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[ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. >> 100 families in need in baltimore city and baltimore county will get a nice, warm meal this thanksgiving. 100 baskets are being distributed to low-income families. during the holiday season, more and more people need help, and the organization increased the service for those people. there are 1875 families that will need donations and help from the salvation army. how important are these donations? >> it could mean the difference of them having something to eat and not having something to eat on thanksgiving day. >> if you would like to make a donation, the salvation army says it still needs help for crispus. 5000 kids are on their list for tories -- still needs help for christmas.
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by a dozen kids are on the list for toys. >> the holidays or a time of great food, big but phase, parties, drinking, traveling, buying and wrapping presents, and all of those things can contribute to your getting a migraine just when you least wanted. navigating the holidays migraine free. >> dennis weber has been getting migraine headaches and she was a child, and she knows one of her triggers is flashing lights. >> i was behind the school bus this morning and it was still a little bit like could dig a still a little bit darker. that bright light flashing on the back of the bus affected me. >> dr. timothy doyle says the holidays can be difficult for migraine sufferers. >> the holidays are the perfect storm for some migraines. you are traveling, sleeping in a bet that she may not be comfortable with, your schedules
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are off, your stress level is up. >> think about a holiday buffets. >> aged cheddar, part of john, think about processed meats like sausage, salami. >> you are making me hungry. >> his suggestions, tried to stay on schedule. sleep deprivation can be a trigger, and don't skip meals. try to manage the stress of family gatherings and money issues, and remember. >> moderation is the key. it is important to understand that you can have a glass of wine, but you need moderate consumption. >> there are a lot of flashing lights around the holidays. >> the doctor says the current thinking about migraine's is it is not always just one trigger that sets of a migraine, it can be two triggers happening at the same time. now, your insta-weather
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we see some rain in the metro area, and to southern pennsylvania, not steady, heavy rain, although little more widespread in coverage during the late afternoon, heading into early evening, especially to the west of baltimore. into carroll county as well, lighter showers at this power on the eastern shore and down on the coast. most of the mid atlantic is right in the middle of a wet weather pattern that is going to be with us for a while. keep an eye on the showers and heavier thunderstorms in the southern plains. that is slowly working its way to the north and east and will impact our weather as we head through wednesday as well. like showers here in the mid-to atlantic. that could bring some soggy weather before we get to thanksgiving day. the precipitation amounts have been fairly light, on the lower end of our scale.
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some spots have not had much to measure since midnight, but that will change throughout the day tomorrow into wednesday. 0.13 inches down in the rain gauge at bwi marshall and just over 0.10 inch at the inner harbor. the normal high for the 21st of november, 79 was the record high. almost 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. you see those blue shaded temperatures from oakland to frostburg and into hagerstown and parked in. cooler north to northeast winds will lower our temperature a little bit, but not all that bad for this time of year. there may be some areas of fog through the overnight. loews from 43 near the pennsylvania border to 50 south of town. it is front that made its way down past us for the virginia- north carolina border.
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chilly air trying to move south, at the same time the storm in texas' is pushing to the north and east. we will stay right on this boundary between unseasonably mild air and the deep south and some colder air in new england. it will try to draw some of that milder air into the mid atlantic. remind your little bit of thunder in southern maryland on wednesday. tomorrow does looks like a wet day. the rain could be moderate to heavy at times. heavier rain than we saw today, with temperatures stuck in the 50's. as it gets warmer south of baltimore, some thunder will be possible and the showers may linger into wednesday evening. later wednesday night into thanksgiving day, it clears out and it looks like it was a beautiful for the rest of the holiday weekend. a little free tomorrow, rain and fog, winds out of the bay from the east with waves about 1 foot. turning kummer wednesday and maybe some snow showers in the
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mountains wednesday night or early in the morning on thanksgiving day. the rest of the holiday and the weekend looks beautiful out in the mountains. at ocean city, a little warmer at a better chance for a thunderstorm on wednesday. down on the coast it should clear up just in time for thanksgiving day. another football game in town on thanksgiving day, so the weather is critical there. we should get rid of the of what weather dnesday evening and clear out wednesday night. sunshine thursday and friday. it looks like into the weekend it stays pretty nice, until late in the evening on sunday. >> a new york city man is accused of plotting to bomb police and post offices in manhattan. >> we are also learning that he was allegedly plotting to attack u.s. troops as they return home. why police think he was acting alone. >> there is now a faster way to get from i-95 to 270, the icc
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opens to the public. i am lowell melser, and i will have the story, coming up. >> they are making blankets of hope and kindness. that story, coming up.
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>> a terror suspect who had been lodged by authorities for your is being held without bond today in new york city, accused of trying to bomb government buildings and u.s. troops returning home. he is being described as an al qaeda sympathizer. >> new york authorities say he plotted the terrorist attack targeting police and post offices in the city and soldiers returning to the u.s.. >> the suspect was a so-called loan wolf, motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> a naturalized u.s. citizen appeared in court late sunday, raid on charges including trying
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to build a pipe bombs. authorities say the suspect purchased some of the ingredients at local stores with the help of an nypd informant, and used instructions published in an al qaeda magazine to assemble the explosives at his manhattan apartment. police commissioner showed a mockup of the explosives and played a video of the nypd bomb squad testing the power of the explosives and the damage the suspect could have caused. >> the plan to test the effectiveness of the bombs by playing them in mailboxes and detonating them. >> police said have been following him for two years and described the 27-year-old as an extremist and all were of al- awlaki, who was recently killed. >> -- this did not involve the
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nypd, this was the local courts. >> they believe he is mentally unstable. >> still ahead, two days left, and still no sign of a deficit deal. >> the white house is now are urging congress to act amid the collapse of the super committee that has been task was cutting $1.20 trillion in government red ink. >> these are not just your ordinary chefs, they are students in a program designed to give food prep skills to people who need it. people who need it. i will have
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>> 11 news at 5:00 continues now. >> women across the state of maryland who cannot afford reproductive health services just got a break. it is major expansion of -- expansion of effective they one of 2012. >> women of a certain income will not have to pay sliding scale fees at health clinics. this policy expansion is expected to help reverse infant mortality and low birth weights, as well as improve the health of mothers and babies and reduce the number of abortions. >> she is working as a librarian again, but not long ago, she was a stay at home mom with four children to care for, when her husband lost his job and
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insurance. she to get into programs that would offer reproductive services on a sliding scale. >> i did not have insurance at all and i had a family and children who needed insurance. i was having a baby and needed prenatal care, so i really benefited from the program. >> officials gathered to announce a change in policy that will offer free family planning and reproductive health services to women and teens. >> this is available for 35,000 young women in the state of maryland. we can get them the kind of family planning services that they need. >> starting january 1, women up to 200% of poverty will be able to be eligible for family planning services. >> the family-planning workshop says women living on an income of $21,780 or less and younger
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than 51 are eligible. with the expansion, a sliding scale self paid fees will be eliminated are eligible women. the clinic will be reimbursed by the federal government. >> without this help, many women would ignore their help. >> they would have to go without screening. >> the state hopes to be able to save up to $40 million for the state budget. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. baltimore county police detectives are investigating the fourth robbery at a local goodwill stores since november 11. most recent occurred friday, november 18 at about 8:00 in cockeysville. that location was robbed once before, and the towson area
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goodwill has been hit twice. police say the two house and incidents are likely related, and they are investigating connections between those robberies. the baltimore city fire department is investigating complaints that city paramedics refused to treat a blind man unless he left his guide dog on the curb. curtis graham is a former marine. he and his dog had been struck by a car on the right to participate in the city's veterans day parade. curtis said they would not allow him -- allow his service stock to accompany him to the hospital. he did go to the hospital, but only after he called someone to take care of his dog. one person is in custody after a triple and stabbing at a bar in white marsh over the weekend. it happened at the sunset beach bar and grill on pulaski highway. police say two men with stab wounds were taken to area
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hospitals, while a third victim reportedly ran from the scene. >> the acting deputy secretary of hud announced the recipient of a 2011 sustainable communities award. the $3.50 million sustainable community grant will go towards developing a regional plan for baltimore. the goal is to create jobs, improve housing, transportation, and economic vitality throughout baltimore. there will be an eight-phase process over the next three years. >> a dog like a super failure tonight for the congressional super committee in charge of coming up with ways to rein in -- it looks like a super failure for the super committee. the government debt stands at a staggering $15 trillion. steve handelsman is on capitol hill tonight with the latest. >> the capital is quiet. most lawmakers have gone for
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thanksgiving. suber committee democrats conferred. >> obviously having some technical problems there. >> we will try to get that back for you. tensions are running high at the university of california tonight. >> anti-wall street demonstrators were pepper spray. it was all caught on tape.
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west the chief of police at university of california davis has been placed on a been a straight leave after campus police used pepper spray on protesters. they say it was necessary to restore trust and calm on campus. the officers are on administrative leave. the chancellor says the university will create a task force to conduct a review of the pepper spray incident. a 900 foot section of road south
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los angeles crumbles and falls into the pacific ocean. the popular section of the coastal road in san pedro california collapsed over the weekend. had already been closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic after cracks continued to expand over the past few months at a rate of four inches a day. no reports of injuries or property damage in the immediate area. >> the situation is still tense tahrirt in cairo's square. according to health officials, at least 20 people have been killed and hundreds of people wounded. protesters there are demanding that the egyptian military set a specific timetable for transitioning out of power. the egypt cabinet offered to corzine after the crackdown. leadership has not yet accepted those mass resignations. dutch police say greg kallman
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has been stabbed to death and his brother arrested as a suspect in that murder. dutch television says the resin argument at home prior to the stabbing. his brother has been arrested and is being questioned by police. >> you can avoid airline baggage fees depending on the credit card you are carrying. >> i did not know that. that is just a number of ways you can save some big money if you are flying this season. all that is a head in consumer alert. >> or let weather for a couple of days leading up to the thanksgiving holiday, but we will see of the wet weather continues into the weekend. right now there is rain and around. temperatures in the low 50's and humidity at 92%.
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>> another robbery at a goodwill store. for the second time, the store in cockeysville was dropped. this comes after another baltimore county store was robbed twice. it was only an idea more than 50 years ago, but today, the icc connector is a reality. we will have these stories and much more when you join us tonight right here
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>> back to the super committee super failure. they are in charge of coming up with ways to rein in $15 trillion in government debt. steve handelsman has the latest. >> the capital is quiet. most lawmakers have gone for thanksgiving. super committed democrats
5:44 pm
conferred. the full bipartisan committee had no meeting, despite the urging of president obama. >> keep working, let's keep at it. the politics, no delays, no excuses. >> republicans blame him. >> what has the president done? now and then he phoned sen. >> the super committee could not make a deal to cut $1.20 trillion in red ink. democrats say don't blame us, we are the only ones who could almost four trillion dollars deal on the table. we did that. >> but democrats resisted entitlement cuts. >> there is a lot of money to be saved that there without cutting benefits the people who are on medicare, for example. >> but republicans resisted higher taxes on the wealthy. >> if they were to take the bush
5:45 pm
tax cuts off and just let the american people decide, we could have an agreement today. >> the failure means automatic defense cuts in january 2013. bad planning, said mitt romney. >> we are going to put the military on the chopping block. it is like holding a gun to your own head. >> the gun was aimed at the super committee, but on this final day to get a deal, nothing worked. >> a new program through st. vincent de paul is teaching those who are unemployed or underemployed valuable life skills. the next course car development program teaches students skills needed to get a job in the food- service industry, and kids in baltimore city also benefit from the meals they produce. >> chellie mcdowell says it has been a struggle to provide for her three daughters of the past two years. she has been unemployed and unable to find work.
5:46 pm
>> it was a struggle, trying to find something to do, somewhere to go that would train me for that next phase in my life. >> she found the next course program through st. vincent de paul. the program, launched in august, is teaching her food prep skills during a 16-week course. the goal is to help them get a job in the food-service industry. >> if they are able to going to restaurants, nursing homes, wherever food is served, they also have the opportunity to take certain certifications. >> it will give me the foundation to provide for my future. it will give me the skills to get a job, a career, not just a job, doing something that i love. >> the program also provides food through the kids' table program. it provides meals for about 1600 headstart students every day. >> the meals are healthy, the
5:47 pm
students are getting the proper nutrition as determined by the usda. we do all i were on baking in house. we use no preservatives. we use local produce whenever possible. >> it also helps the students learn to work as a team, another important skill in the kitchen. for chellie, the program is about much more than just working in the kitchen. >> i have finally found something that i love, that will help me provide for my kids. hear, wet just didn't are family. >> the program will run it year round -- we are not just students here. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we have had some cloudy and wet weather, and it is going to hang around for couple more days.
5:48 pm
that does not mean the thanksgiving holiday will be washed out. things will dramatically changed by then. some wet weather, but the driest part of the state is the eastern shore, southern maryland, but they will get in on the wet weather as the evening wears on. the heavier showers out of the southern plains were some thunder is involved will be tracking to the north and east. we may have to deal with that before the week is over as well. temperatures have been kaline across the northern tier -- have been cooling across the northern tier. our temperatures will cool off a little bit for the night with occasional rain and may be some fog to contend with as we head for early tuesday morning. 43-50 four los -- for lows.
5:49 pm
to the south, the front is ushering in the cool air. but cold is is up for the skies are clear in northern new england. our temperatures will be cooler tonight and tomorrow and then as the storm in the southern plains heads this way, it will push some of the warmer air from the south into the mid atlantic. it could bring a few thunderstorms in to our region on thursday. the system is expected to get out of here on wednesday night, so by thanksgiving day, it should be beautiful outside. the rain tomorrow my bill little heavier in central and eastern -- may be a little heavier in central and eastern maryland. on wednesday with the areas to ourselves getting warmer, some thunder may be involved. wednesday evening, the skies clear and by thanksgiving day, it should be nice. bright, sunny skies expected for thursday and friday as well. occasionally wet on tuesday with the east wind at 10 miles per hour. as the storm winds and i clears
5:50 pm
out, we expect the vote wheys on the bay to start getting a little stronger as we head into the holiday -- we expect the way waves on the bay to start getting a little stronger. new york and boston are not quite as saudi as we will be on tuesday. wednesday the weather problems will be right up the eastern seaboard from boston to new york. atlanta may have some showers early on wednesday before it clears out, but the great news is the middle part of the country should be quieting down for that big travel day on wednesday. thanksgiving day, most of the nation should be fairly quiet with the exception of the pacific northwest. a good-looking thanksgiving day actually taking shape. mid-50's tomorrow with some rain, thunderstorms possible wednesday, and then beautiful football and turkey weather on thursday. sunny skies, highs in the upper
5:51 pm
50's, a little warmer on friday, and the weekend looks great until lake on sunday. -- late on sunday. >> a recent survey indicates most shoppers plan to spend about the same amount of money on this year's holiday shopping as they did last year. the survey of just over 1000 adults was taken last month by the consumer federation of america. it also shows a significantly higher number, 37%, said their financial position was worse this year than last year. between all the cooking and rushing around this time of year, the last thing you need is a sales associate or cashier with a bad attitude. where can you find good customer service? at 11:00 we visit stores where viewers tell us they have had great customer service. find out what they think some stores are exceptional. a surprising response from the department store that did not want to talk about customer
5:52 pm
service at all. that is all right here on 11 news tonight at 11:00. here we are approaching holidays and you find yourself challenged, looking for a cheap way to apply your family to a holiday destination. travel experts say can be done by following a few simple suggestions. >> even if you and your family cannot avoid airline baggage fees, it is easy to avoid a fee for overweight baggage. >> have a little scale or get yourself a scale where you can weigh how much a bag weighs. because overweight backs translate $2 for the airline, they are going to be very strict. >> not so strict if you are carrying the right credit card, for example. suzanne is of family travel expert and editor of the website. >> choosing the right credit card can be the smartest way to
5:53 pm
avoid baggage these. for example, the american express delta sky miles card lets cardmembers waive the baggage feet. >> she tries to be a realist when it comes to flying a family with children. she wants others to get real, too. >> checking bags is almost a given when you travel with young children. >> she also says you save by packing smarter. >> you don't have to bring the kitchen sink. you don't need to bring the big stroller that you go around town in. >> she says don't forget every destination has big box stores where you can buy whatever you chose not to pack for the flight. >> the so-called super committee says it has failed. the deficit reduction committee has not been able to come up with a plan to cut $1.20 trillion from the federal budget.
5:54 pm
the fairport will supposedly triggered drastic cuts to the defense program. >> special blankets for some special people. special people. that story is coming
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"no messages." but if you're looking for the one place that makes it easy, look no further than carmax. ♪"ta daaaaaaaaaa!" our appraisals are fast and they're free. we'll make you a written offer to buy, good for seven days. and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours. carmax...the way car buying should be.
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for the third grade class, they are taught that acts of kindness go a long way in helping those who are sick. rob roblin has more. >> these third graders have a special project. they are making blankets for breast cancer patients.
5:57 pm
lynn mccain received this blanket about six weeks ago. she is a breast cancer patient. >> it cannot even realize how important is for people who are sick to be comforted by something like this. particularly to know that third graders made these. that is a huge, nice thing for you to do. >> the third grade class is making special blankets that are given to breast cancer patients from an organization called the red devils. >> it makes them feel better. it is just a great thing to do for someone who is having a really bad time. >> the students have been making blankets for three years. the use money they raised for a shoeshine stand to raise money to pay for the material. so far this year they have made 28 blankets. >> these blankets are made by
5:58 pm
the children to offer patients hope and more and love. that is our hope and mission of why they make the blankets. >> for the students, this is a lesson of doing something good for others. >> it is good to know that we are helping people in need. i just feel that these breast cancer people should just have a little fun in their lives and a little comfort. >> i think his, important because people need help and they have breast cancer. >> for the patients, you can tell by the look in their eyes how much these children and their love and generosity mean to them. >> it means the world to me. i love this. it will always be with me. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> the icc is finally open to the public. we will tell you all the details. i am lowell melser, and that is
5:59 pm
coming up. >> a blind veteran struck by a car says city paramedics told him to leave his guide dog on the sidewalk or they would not provide emergency service. >> baltimore county police investigate a string of robberies at goodwill stores. i am live in cockeysville with that story next. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> are big story tonight at 6:00, it is hard to believe but the icc began as an idea 50 years ago, and tomorrow it will finally be open. >> lowell melser got a sneak peek at the ribbon cutting earlier today, and he found out that not everyone is excited about the opening. >> after five decades of ups and downs, pros and cons, the main portion of the icc is finally open, creating what is expected to be a much shorter path fro


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